The paper 'Constrained Evolutionary Piecemeal Training to Design Efficient Neural Networks’ was accepted for IEA/AIE 2020.

The paper 'A Sampling-Based Tool for Scaling Graph Datasets' was accepted for ACM/SPEC ICPE 2020.

The paper 'Schedulability Analysis of Global Scheduling for Multicore Systems with Shared Caches' was accepted for IEEE Transactions on Computers.

NWO project granted!

Project title: Design Space Exploration 2.0: Towards Optimal Design of Complex, Distributed Cyber Physical Systems


Researcher (PhD student/PostDoc) in programming language technology for adaptive cyber-physical systems

The paper 'Response Time Analysis of Multiframe Mixed-Criticality Systems' was accepted for RTNS 2019

The paper 'Techniques and Analysis for Mixed-criticality Scheduling with Mode-dependent Server Execution Budgets' was accepted for IEEE/ACM EMSOFT 2019