The paper 'μ-Genie: A Framework for Memory-Aware Spatial Processor Architecture Co-Design Exploration' was accepted for Euromicro DSD 2020.

EU H2020 ITN/ETN project on approximate computing for power and energy optimisation granted!

The paper 'Deep Learning Model Reuse and Composition in Knowledge Centric Networking’ was accepted for ICCCN 2020.

The paper 'Towards Energy-, Time- and Security-aware Multi-core Coordination' was accepted for COORDINATION 2020.

The paper 'CITTA, Cache Interference-aware Task Partitioning for Real-time Multi-core Systems' was accepted for ACM LCTES 2020.

The paper 'An Evolutionary Optimization Algorithm for Gradually Saturating Objective Functions’ was accepted for ACM GECCO 2020.

The paper 'Constrained Evolutionary Piecemeal Training to Design Efficient Neural Networks’ was accepted for IEA/AIE 2020.

The paper 'A Sampling-Based Tool for Scaling Graph Datasets' was accepted for ACM/SPEC ICPE 2020.

The paper 'Schedulability Analysis of Global Scheduling for Multicore Systems with Shared Caches' was accepted for IEEE Transactions on Computers.

NWO project granted!

Project title: Design Space Exploration 2.0: Towards Optimal Design of Complex, Distributed Cyber Physical Systems