The paper 'Determining the Minimum Number of Virtual Networks for Different Coherence Protocols' was accepted for ACM/IEEE ISCA '24!

Jelle van Dijk received the 2nd prize for the ICT.Open Poster Award.

The paper 'ARM-CO-UP: ARM COoperative Utilization of Processors' was accepted for publication in the ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems.

The paper 'OPTIMA: Design-Space Exploration of Discharge-Based In-SRAM Computing: Quantifying Energy-Accuracy Trade-offs' was accepted for ACM/IEEE DAC 2024.

The paper 'Automated Derivation of Application Workload Models for Design Space Exploration of Industrial Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems' was accepted for IEEE ICPS '24.

The paper 'Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Find Cache-Friendly Generalized Morton Layouts for Arrays' was accepted for ACM/SPEC ICPE '24.

The paper 'Guided Equality Saturation' was accepted for ACM SIGPLAN POPL '24.

The paper 'RobustDiCE: Robust and Distributed CNN Inference at the Edge' was accepted for ASP-DAC '24.

The paper 'Lifetime Estimation for Core-Failure Resilient Multi-Core Processors' was accepted for IEEE MCSoC '23.

The demo/tool 'ARM-CO-UP: ARM Co-Operative Utilization of Processors' was accepted for the Embedded Systems Software Competition at the IEEE/ACM Embedded Systems Week 2023.