The paper 'Modelling Performance Loss due to Thread Imbalance in Stochastic Variable-Length SIMT Workloads' was accepted for MASCOTS '22.

The chapter 'Pipelined CNN Inference on Heterogeneous Multi-Processor System-on-Chip' was accepted for the book on Embedded Machine Learning for Cyber Physical, IoT, and Edge Computing (Springer).

The paper 'Hierarchical Design Space Exploration for Distributed CNN Inference at the Edge' was accepted at ITEM '22.

The paper 'Strategy Switching: Smart Fault-tolerance for Weakly-hard Resource-constraint Real-time Applications' was accepted at SEFM 2022.

The paper 'Model-Based Testing of Internet of Things Protocols' was accepted at FMICS 2022.

The paper 'Building Fine-Grained Analytical Performance Models for Complex Scientific Applications' was accepted at PPAM '22.

The paper 'Design Space Exploration for Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems: State-of-the-art, Challenges, and Directions' was accepted for Euromicro DSD 2022.

The paper 'CPU-GPU Layer-Switched Low Latency CNN Inference' was accepted for Euromicro DSD 2022.

Dolly Sapra successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled 'Efficient neural architectures for edge devices'. Congratulations, Dr. Sapra!

The paper 'Can we trust our energy measurements? A study on the Odroid-XU4' was accepted for the OSPERT '22 workshop.