The paper 'Secure Sparse Gradient Aggregation in Distributed Architectures' received the Best Paper Award at IOTSMS '22.

The paper 'Thermal Management for S-NUCA Many-Cores via Synchronous Thread Rotations' was accepted at DATE 2023.

News article published on our Energy Labels for Digital Services research (click to see)

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The paper 'Secure Sparse Gradient Aggregation in Distributed Architectures' was accepted at IOTSMS '22.

Prestigious ACM/IEEE CODES+ISSS '22 Test-of-Time award for PCS publication

On October 11th, Andy Pimentel and Simon Polstra from the PCS research group received the prestigious Test of Time award at the 2022 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis (CODES+ISSS) for the paper entitled “A Framework for Rapid System-level Exploration, Synthesis, and Programming of Multimedia MP-SoCs” that was published in 2007 at the same conference. This paper, which contains joint work from the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University, proposed a groundbreaking new method for automated, system-level synthesis of multi-core hardware/software embedded systems.

Andy Pimentel gave a keynote presentation at IntelliSys '22. Please click to see a recording of the talk.

The paper 'Improving the Robustness of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems through Machine Learning-Based Performance Anomaly Identification' was accepted for the Journal of Systems Architecture (Elsevier).

The paper 'Modelling Performance Loss due to Thread Imbalance in Stochastic Variable-Length SIMT Workloads' was accepted for MASCOTS '22.

The chapter 'Pipelined CNN Inference on Heterogeneous Multi-Processor System-on-Chip' was accepted for the book on Embedded Machine Learning for Cyber Physical, IoT, and Edge Computing (Springer).

The paper 'Hierarchical Design Space Exploration for Distributed CNN Inference at the Edge' was accepted at ITEM '22.